Into the Limelight

Port of Leith Distillery

With a fabulous Oloroso sherry already designed, packaged and released and ongoing planning, designing and creating of the new permanent brand home – a multimillion pound vertical construction soon to be seen rising from the shore at Leith docks – it was time for Port of Leith Distillery to perfect a gin that reflected the history of its geography.

From their temporary Tower Street Stillhouse, close to a host of modern-day businesses and luxury enterprises where ancient merchant and naval ships once sailed and traded, connections to local history are abundant. While working as a surgeon in 1747 onboard HMS Salisbury, Edinburgh born Dr. James Lind proved the consumption of citrus fruits to be the most beneficial remedy against scurvy. This became a revelation for the health and welfare of Royal Navy seamen and was enhanced by Leith shipyard owner Lauchlin Rose – who had been importing limes from the West Indies – when he patented a process to preserve lime juice to keep it fresh on board for months. Lind & Lime became a perfect maritime tribute.

Leith’s shores were once home to a plethora of industries which is where inspiration has been drawn for the design and detail applied to the bespoke bottle and packaging of Lind & Lime Gin. The cones from the Edinburgh and Leith Glass Works once could be seen rising above sea-level; our strong, elegant, long necked bottle pays homage with its unique shape and embossed depiction to this factory stamped firmly at its base. We specified half white glass with its translucent light green hue to epitomise the citrus tones of the gin.

Having the opportunity to develop a bespoke bottle silhouette with the glass manufacturer gives us the chance to create a true stand out; we’ve also used the negative space around the bottle to its advantage – allowing it the space to breathe when lined up along the back-bar with its peers, it illuminates its presence.

The labels’ substrate is a subtle cord embossed paper, running in tandem with the circumference of the bottle; the simple bold linear typeface compliments the ridge and furrow lines running down the bottle that bounce light like breaking waves. The finishing touch of the neck label over the stopper, stamped with pride our recently crafted Port of Leith Distillery marque and an epitaph to Dr. Lind – where it all began, as a natural remedy that is now respected as a perfect storm in a gin & tonic.

With their new gin just being unveiled, Ian Stirling, Founder, kindly took time out to let us know how they were feeling. "As a start up with a few design skills of our own, we were a bit reticent at first about taking on an agency. Contagious have taken our ideas and made them look and feel as great as they could possibly be. We couldn't be happier with the results and they've been a total pleasure to work with."

We too, have taken great pleasure in working from the ground up; from the creation of the logo to the packaging and to the distillery interior; giving us the satisfaction of delivering a solid strategic platform for our client’s brand.

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