Absolut Vodka

Pernod Ricard, Sweden

Leaders in culture: 

The Absolut brand is built on a foundation of supporting bartenders. We are their creative collaborators on reinforcing their position as champions of the nightlife industry.

High-impact creativity

Absolut Vodka completely redefined the premium vodka landscape when it launched in the US in 1979. Since then the brand has been synonymous with art and culture, as well as nightlife. Working in close collaboration with the brand, we created many of the consumer and trade activations that have seen Absolut become industry and cultural leaders. 

On the wave of fast-trending batched cocktails, aimed at a new generation of drinkers, Absolut Cocktails in a Can were immediately eye-catching and appealing while crucially also being easy for bar staff to use. The cans called for fun and creative brand messaging, with the collectible vessel keeping drinks cold while also protecting customers from chilly fingers.

The cans’ sticker motifs carried key brand messages: heritage, sustainability and superior taste, as well as supporting the LGBTQ community. This activation revitalised Absolut’s signature serve – Absolut Vodka Soda – as well as classic cocktails such as the Seabreeze. Introducing these drinks to a new audience created a real buzz at the bar. 

That excitement continued through the design of the Cocktails to Go takeaway cup. Ease of activation became particularly vital for bartenders during the industry’s recent difficult times and when it came to supplying bars with ready-to-go kits for takeaway customers, Absolut was there to bring some joy and fun to the drinks trade with the same sticker theme. 

Our work with Absolut always begins with cutting-edge design and allows us to celebrate their enviable position as cultural tastemakers and a true inspiration for the nightlife industry.

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Absolut Vodka Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka

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