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A Home Like No Other

A dynamic partnership between Angel’s Envy and Contagious celebrates the tremendous success of its Whiskey Row brand home with a phase two 13,000-square feet expansion, doubling its visitor capacity.

Having completed the phase one Angel's Envy brand home, it was an honour to be invited back for round two. Since its launch in 2015, the distillery quickly became a globally renowned destination amongst bourbon lovers.

An Ode To Lincoln Henderson

Whiskey legend Lincoln Henderson dedicated his life to exploring and perfecting the finer points of distilling. A culmination of his lifetime of knowledge and experience and a first in the world of whiskey, Lincoln created Angel’s Envy with his son. Regrettably, Lincoln passed away in 2013 shortly after the groundbreaking, and his family continued with the venture, carrying on the Henderson legacy.

Phase One

Devil’s In The Detail

Our inspiration for the original brand home design was twofold: the personality of the founder and bourbon legend Lincoln Henderson and the industrial past of the original elevator works building. 

Working with Angel’s Envy and architect teams, we developed the experience footprint and visitor flow to create an immersive tour experience that brought the space and brand to life.

The Angel’s Envy brand home combines premium aesthetic with wit and lightness. Our ultimate goal was to create an experience that would turn bourbon enthusiasts into Angel’s Envy advocates. We wanted guests to enjoy the whiskey and connect with the story - the legend of bourbon itself. 

Since opening in 2015, Angel's Envy has been at the heart of the regeneration of Louisville's historic 'Whiskey Row', contributing to a massive boost in tourism.

  • The distillery welcomed 50,000 visitors in 2019
  • Top 5 of 172 things to do in Louisville Kentucky - Tripadvisor 
  • Spirit Tourism Silver Medal Winner: International Spirits Challenge 2021  

Phase Two

Surprise and Delight

Along with tremendous success came great demand. There was no doubt that the distillery would attract such huge footfall, but as the brand home became a globally renowned destination for bourbon aficionados, Angel’s Envy had to reluctantly turn away as many people as they were able to accommodate. Contagious was thrilled to be invited back for phase two. Our goal was simple: to design a dynamic space that would double the visitor capacity and more, ensuring visitors would leave surprised and delighted.

With family at the heart of the Angel’s Envy brand, we carried these elements through to the five additional tasting rooms. Each inspired by the personalities of the Henderson family members, they were complemented by interiors that seamlessly blended individuality with bourbon style décor.

A celebration of the brand’s inherent hospitality, Angel’s Envy now has a new flexible event space to share the special occasions of their advocates. Whether a birthday or wedding, a dedicated room filled with heart-warming stories and contagious laughter is the vision. The event space holds 250 people with the ability to divide into two parts – ensuring flexibility for small intimate celebrations and large extended family parties.

With the additional spaces, the Angel’s Envy brand home now welcomes 64,000 visitors annually, all fully immersed in the two brand pillars – Family and Finishing. Contagious took the traditional bourbon décor style and created bespoke furnishings that would complement and encourage a more sophisticated and contemporary approach. 

Angel’s Envy celebrated National Bourbon Day by unveiling the expanded space and the first-ever virtual distillery on the metaverse. Mirroring the design that Contagious created for the brand, the meta distillery on Decentraland welcomes bourbon-lovers all over the world to experience the legacy that is Lincoln Henderson.

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