Bowmore X Aston Martin


Built on an enviable history of creativity, craftsmanship and a shared understanding of heritage, the partners came together to celebrate time; unify the senses, and create exhilarating moments to savour. Contagious collaborated with the brands to tell this story through one lens in the luxury global travel retail (GTR) space. 


Guests could immerse themselves in the partnership through the ‘Experience Legacies Forged Through Time’ video, which Contagious developed from start to finish. Prompting guests to begin is the start button - a replica push start button found in Aston Martin cars. Once pressed, guests are launched into the story of the two iconic brands being forged through time, beginning with the thunderous roar of an Aston Martin engine igniting followed by the peat fires of the Bowmore distillery firing up.

Embodying the philosophies of both brands, Contagious developed a concept that could be activated across the global network of airports – from local departure gates to the world’s largest shopping terminals. 

To achieve this, we challenged the suitability of the developed concepts through sketches and renders, envisioning how they would work in small, medium, and large airport spaces. The three finalised interpretations would become the inspiration to roll out across all other airport locations. 


Experience is always at the heart of what we do at Contagious. So, we created an extraordinary moment for consumers to immerse in the brands through the call to action: ‘Experience Legacies Forged Through Time’. The prompt leverages the powerful synergies of both brands and connects consumers with moments that thrill the senses.

The GTR installations reflect the two icons through sound, texture, vision, movement, and materials. A graphic language of angular lines and the interweaving of traditional and modern materials, such as copper and carbon fibre, transports the vision of movement through time for both whisky and car manufacturing. 



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