Burnt Faith Brandy


Create a British brandy brand that talks to an urban audience. To define and shape the future of the British brandy category.

Burnt Faith — the first commercial brandy house in the UK. The distillery echoes the pace and energy of its London home, with the aim to introduce the spirit to a new generation of spirit drinkers.

A gap in the brandy category emerged as new generations of consumers turn to brands for self-expression and representation.

This was our chance to define and shape the future of the new British brandy category.

Self-expression, style and creativity drive the brand story and connects Burnt Faith to its audience. Its energetic London pace pulses through the name, story, identity and packaging design, cementing a place for brandy to live in the modern world of spirits.

We debuted the new brandy house — Burnt Faith. It lives and breathes a culture fully committed to individuality and inclusiveness. It invites you to unlock the potential of British brandy and discover the freedom to choose something new.

The Burnt Faith brand mirrors its audience — ultra-creative with a stylish, energetic persona and a self-confident best-in-the-world attitude.

Burnt Faith had to be something striking and distinctive. The bespoke bottle shape is an objet d’art creation, made to build intrigue and spark conversations.

The design rationale was born from the brand name. ‘Burnt’ is from the Dutch word ‘brandewijn’, which directly translates to burnt wine, while ‘Faith’ derives from the land the urban distillery is set on as it was once an old Pentecostal church.

We referenced historical and religious vessels, and interpreted these through a modern lens. The result — a tall, sleek, textured bottle that could be carried and held proudly aloft in today's urban landscape.

Brandy without boundaries, Burnt Faith delivers — to consumers and the industry — a fresh new narrative and experience that enrich the category.


Glass is infinitely recyclable, so it was a no-brainer. We chose to use Vinolok caps for its long-lasting durability and to extend the lifecycle of the bottle.


Combined with the cardboard shipper, we deliver to you a 100% plastic-free and recyclable packaging design.

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