Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery


Home from home: 

The Aberfeldy Distillery produces the single malt that sits at the heart of Dewar’s multi-award winning premium blends. It is also the Aberfeldy Brand Home, welcoming around 30,000 visitors a year. We refreshed the space so it could excel both operationally and experientially, while reflecting the strong reputation of the Dewar’s brand.

Beautifully balanced

We focused on three key areas within the distillery – the visitor experience, blending room and blending warehouse. We created a lasting, informative and well-defined journey for guests alongside a multi-functional space for the Dewar’s team while reinforcing the Dewar’s brand.

The space needed to work practically for the retail, taste experiences, and catering elements of the business. A warm and welcoming guest experience was crucial and this inspired the Dewar’s archive wall, featuring a rich selection of signage, bottles and clay pigs – the jars in which whisky was traditionally distilled – to draw guests into the brand’s history. An exquisite ‘whisky droplet’ chandelier, commissioned from prize winning glass artist Elin Isaksson, brought the space together.

As trade advocacy became increasingly important for Dewar’s, we later designed a speakeasy-style secret bar, accessible only to trade members and VIP guests. It created an intimate atmosphere and the surprise element highlighted the brand’s playful side. 

Every element of the Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery experience connects seamlessly, and the new space is a true reflection of the brand’s warm and welcoming personality. 

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