Maestro Dobel

Proximo spirits

Redefining heritage 

Maestro Dobel Tequila’s rich quality and heritage spans 11 generations. It has led the charge in premium tequila’s rising popularity. To continue connecting with trade and customers as the category rose, Proximo recognised the need to reinforce the brand both strategically and visually. 

A new clarity

Our first priority was to support the Maestro Dobel marketing team in the short term. We created a brand book which highlighted the authentic heritage, range of expressions and its superior quality. The book was immediately used to immerse and brief a team of Maestro Dobel ambassadors. 

At the same time we designed and facilitated a workshop to help the Maestro Dobel teams further understand its connection to its customers. The workshop was a stepping stone to developing an inspiring strategic position and articulating a clear customer message. 

With the redefined visual and verbal identity in place, we created a set of best-practice tools for a trade engagement programme. With this new visual language, a custom drinks strategy, and high-quality photography, Maestro Dobel’s ambassadors had the tools they needed to communicate in their respective markets.

Following our strategy, Maestro Dobel was more confident in communicating its identity and offering. The definition of luxury and quality is now embedded strategically so that the brand can be both relevant for today and captivating for future generations.

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