Scarabus Single Malt Whisky

Hunter Laing & Co.

Those who seek will find 

Our brief from Hunter Laing & Co. was to create a standout whisky with timeless, premium feel packaging that would introduce Hunter Laing to a diverse international audience. The challenge lay in creating a brand that was clearly about Islay but without naming a distillery. We decided to utilise that element of mystery. 

Creating a Legend

Hunter Laing & Co’s new Islay single malt whisky brand is designed to carry a full range of expressions. Global appeal was a must – commanding attention on the shelves of specialist retailers and duty free stores worldwide – and it also had to connect with customers closer to home at Islay’s recently opened Ardnahoe Distillery. 

We imagined a brand with a firm sense of place. Scarabus is named after a mystical location on the island, which captures the curiosity of “those who seek”. Our fable is woven into the intricate illustration, featuring symbols of folktales and stories associated with Islay throughout. 

Encapsulating the mysteriousness around the expressions, the brand story expands using evocative symbols on the packaging so customers can interpret their own stories. The peat-coloured bottle conceals the whisky and heightens anticipation, and with no reference to a distillery affiliation there are no preconceptions, only intrigue. The final result is a distinguished whisky which celebrates the uniqueness and whisky tradition of Islay. 

Scarabus has been a large success on a global scale and locally at the Ardnahoe Distillery on Islay. It has allowed Hunter Laing & Co. to reach a diverse, new audience that it can now continue to grow. 

Global Awards:
  • Silver: San Francisco World Spirits Packaging Competition 
  • Silver: International Spirits Challenge New Brand Launch 

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