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Thousands of tourists flock to the small Texas town of Shiner every year – it’s home to their favourite beer. Shiner Brewery asked us to make their visitor experience Shiner’s star attraction. 

Shine a light

Shiner is beloved across the United States – not just the beer, but the brand itself. However, the brewery tour experience didn't reflect this. The site had undergone a huge and lengthy expansion and while the old and new brewhouses co-existed in the same space, there was little connecting them visually or emotionally.

That connection was crucial to the brand, so the tour route was redeveloped to create a seamless flow for visitors. The production process was then brought down to human scale in the form of a mini brewery and kitchen which gives visitors a chance to really understand Shiner’s beer-making methods. A timeline of Shiner’s creations (along with their multiple awards!) was installed to allow Shiner’s heritage to become the focal point of the experience.

The brewery experience was also given a much-needed personal touch by focusing on the people who make Shiner special. The people wall and animated film lets guests get to know the Shiner team, the brand’s history and its founder, Kosmos Spoetzl. Shiner’s fans are included, too. Visitors can make their own mark on the brewery by pinning their hometowns on the world map with a bottle cap, connecting Shiner drinkers all over the world.

Shiner’s philanthropic efforts are a huge part of the brand’s popularity, so throughout the tour we highlighted their three main philanthropic endeavours – Toast our Troops, Shiner Scholars, and #ShinerStrong donations. The full experience is then rounded off in a bar fit for any Shiner fan – the Bock Honky Tonk bar – where guests can relax with an ice cold Shiner Bock. 

Shiner’s personality and history now connect to create a brewery experience for fans, and a true celebration of their beer like no other in the state of Texas. 

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